How a pizza boy became a millionaire – the Chris Campbell story

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Chris Campbell not too long ago

OK… a pizza boy who became a millionaire? Yes that’s the story I want to write about today. This is a true store you know. It’s not a made up story to get you all excited. I have come across this Pizza boy Millionaire campaign a while ago through coincidence. There was this pizza boy who was working his job and of course after a couple of years doing this, you start thinking about the future. The name of this guy is Chris Campbell.

Pizza boy and dark days

Just like any other entrepreneur you must go through some dark days to realise that you want more in life. You have more potential in you than you know about. It’s in everybody’s system.  You just need to know when and how you should use it. When are you gonna pull out this hidden potential in yourself? Chris Campbell, the pizza boy who is now living the dream with his wife and kids and now ordering his pizza online from the comfort of his own home, knows this now. He took action. He decided… enough is enough. He wanted to become someone else. Right there… one day he decided that he wanted to become a millionaire. I’m a strong believer of designing your life path. I also decided to become a millionaire one day a while back, and just like Chris Campbell did, I’m working on it, working for it and completely going for it. It’s a millionaire mindset. It’s the work ethics you must implement in your brains to one day decide to not be a “pizza boy” anymore. Pizza boy or not, you can have it all… only if you really want it.

What is Chris Campbell, the pizza boy, using today to get those million dollar results?

I know that Chris Campbell, the ex pizza boy and now a millionaire is using a certain system. Everybody can have access to this system. He is using the same system, a set of tools and instructions, to decide his future with. I started to use this system a while ago… and you can too. The reason why I’m sharing this story, is that we need people to become conscious of the fact that we can not live the way we are living right now anymore. At least this applies to a majority of people out there. There is this new economy on the internet that is changing lives, that is creating success stories, just like the pizza boy, and we want you to be part of this online revolution. Yes, everyone wants to earn a bit more money, everyone can use more money here and there. Ok maybe this isn’t for you, maybe you do not want to step out of your comfort zone and change something in your life. Maybe you do not want to have it any other way… .But I’m going to share this system with you whether you like it or not. Are you ready?

This Pizza Boy system is changing lives.

Pizza Boy 3 191x300 How a pizza boy became a millionaire    the Chris Campbell story

Chris Campbell today!

It’s a fact that Chris Campbell is a member of the Empower Network, he decided to go all in. It’s a fact that I am also a member of the Empower Network. Yes I’m very proud to say it as it gave me the life I wanted. Everybody in the Empower Network is proud to be part of the online revolution. Chris Campbell is part of the Prosperity Team, an Empower Network Marketing Team. He’s is now one of the leaders of the Prosperity Team. He has become one of the leaders now because he has a track record of trial and errors. It is because of these trial and errors that the Prosperity Team has created it’s own system, an online marketing system, that will get a team member results faster than ever before. In case you have heard of The Empower Network for the first time, the Empower Network is a viral blogging system that you can own for yourself and that you can resell to others who want to have an online presence. It’s a state of the art blogging system that you can customize any way you want. With your own header, banners, opt-in forms, videos, photos, you name it. But the truth of the matter is, is that if you look at all the other Programs out there on the internet and their compensation plan, nothing beats the compensation plan of the Empower Network. For starters, the Empower Network has a formula that gives you 100% commissions on the $25 and $125 memberships. Now that’s powerful. With your first referral into the system, you break even… Plus there is this passup system integrated in the compensation plan, meaning that the higher commissions that you have qualified yourself for and others didn’t, go to you. These are $500, $1000 and $3000 commissions. I’m not gonna go into details about the compensation plan here, but it’s powerful and you do not need an army of people to earn something decent a month. I have seen a lot of other programs out there and I have come to the conclusion that with a lot of programs and money making systems, you need hundreds if not thousands of people in your downline to have a 5 to 6 figure monthly income. I didn’t want to do that, I just couldn’t wait so long. I wanted results fast, I wanted it now. That’s why I choose, that’s why I decided to join the Prosperity Team, the team that the pizza boy Chris Campbell is in. And how much does it cost what he is using? A merely $54.95/month. This includes your Empower Network Basic membership ($25), your affiliate sales channel, 24/7 support, back office and eWallet account ($19.95) and your email auto-responder ($10). Total $54.95… And to be in the Prosperity Team and use all The Prosperity Team Amenities (State of the Art Marketing and Training System) is absolutely FREE. Hey… $54.95/month to have your online business? You must be insane not to jump in right now.

More about the system that the Pizza boy is using to cash in daily.

I want to say that the Empower Network itself has 2 founders that are marketing geniuses. They have created the viral blogging system which is a plug and play system. Next to the blogging platform you get a ready to use sales funnel which you can use to drive everyone through that is interested and they convert like crazy because of all the sales videos that are all coded to you. Plus the marketing training products will make you an expert in marketing on the internet.  OK.. The Empower Network prosperity team, the team of the pizza boy, has taken it to the next level.  A couple of online marketing gurus, including Chris Campbell  the ex pizza boy, have created an additional Marketing System on top of the Empower Network System that is programmed to work together, that basically does all the work for you. All you need to do is use your blog. Tell your story, blog about anything you want and the results will come to you. Check out more about the Prosperity Team right here.

Can you copy the pizza boy?

Yes you can. Click Banner below to see Chris Campbell, the pizza boy telling his story in the video. Just do it and take action. Pizza boy or not, we all have it in us to succeed in live.

Pizza boy 300x63 How a pizza boy became a millionaire    the Chris Campbell story

Are you the next Pizza Boy millionaire like Chris Campbell?


Here’s to your success!
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pinit fg en rect gray 28 How a pizza boy became a millionaire    the Chris Campbell story
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chad November 12, 2013 at 3:23 PM

Hello thank you for your breakdown about Chris Campbell’s website. I have seen the videos, and am really intetested, however I have one question. I would like to know if there are any extra fees associated with this site. Nowi have read from you that it is under 60.00 for you to gain membership, but ate their extra costs for better access, better coaching, or email access? I have tried a time or too to better my life with something like this, but not tjis one. Obviously I, and others like myself are looking to have more money for ourselves, and our families. I don’t know about their successful attempts, but I have not found something that works, and am quite defeated about the constant let-down. Please give me your honest opinion about this, and what to expect.

Thank you


Ryzal Thijssen November 12, 2013 at 6:25 PM

Hi Chad! Thanks for your questions. Let my answer you… Look, to become a member of the Empower Network, the basic membership fee is $25 month. Than you can use the viral blogging platform to have a presence online and have multiple blog websites, all operationable from your one account. That alone is worth ten times the fee. If you would like to become an affiliate…. this means that if you want to have the reselling rights and receive your commissions deposited in your eWallet account, than you need to add a $19.95 / month. The founders had to require this otherwise you can not be paid 100% commissions. This also gives you all the support, use of the sales platform, capture pages and all other marketing related stuff in your back office. And if you sign up with me, you will automatically become a member of the prosperity team, which again gives you access to our done for you marketing system on top of the one of Empower Network itself. This again is worth 100 times the fee… If you know a bit of Internet Marketing, you must be aware of the fact that you need to build a list (email list of your leads that you capture). You do this with an email marketing system. We of the Prosperity team have managed to negotiate a $10 / month deal to have this with GVO (Email Marketing System), while others are starting at $20 /month…(aweber, getresponse, mailchimp etc) So this brings the total to $54.95 / month. With all this you are ready to start. Than you have a legit business. Look.. of course their are higher membership levels available to be able to receive higher commissions and so on… But, if I were you I would just start with the basic membership level, check out the system, feel if everything is alright, look at the leadership of the Empower Network founders and of your Prosperity team, if you like the product itself, the training that you receive in your back office etc. What I personally find amazing about the Empower Network, is the leadership and vision of the company founders. You will not find a company on the internet today where the founders of the company are so involved with what we do and have going on here. I have been in other programs before this one and this is one for me is a keeper. You can have the best product and compensation plan in the world, but if the company itself has no leadership, no vision and constant training to get you where you want to be, then all isn’t worth it…right? I would like to welcome you to our team where we give you support and help lift you up. Go to this page of mine for a bit more in depth info and startup training: See ya!


Eddie January 10, 2014 at 8:28 AM

Trying to understand this concept. Been burned a few times. What would I be selling? Can you give me the jist of what this system is all about. I am unemployed. Lost my job last week at the age of 62. Funds are limited. Can’t afford to loose any money.


Eddie January 10, 2014 at 8:30 AM

P.S. This is in regards to Chris Campbell system


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